Thaw, Breathe, Write

Image …in that order…


Its been a long, hard, icy, frustrating winter. And although spring has officially sprung for about four weeks now, I’ve felt the repercussions from the icy blast for much longer than I’d hoped. As this blog is as much about my wife/mother/writer life as it is about my goals for writing, fitness, and being motivated to do the impossible (did you miss my blogging about doing a triathlon), sometimes I write about what stops me from getting to my goals.

This entire winter was an exercise in seeing my goals hibernate.

Ugh. Say it ain’t so! Yes, Virginia, there’s no progress to report in any area of my life right now. No. Wait. I take that back. I’ve progressed a lot at my day job as in information developer. But as a novelist. Zip. As a fitness enthusiast? Nada. For weight loss? Don’t even ask.

So as I start to blog (and hence, WRITE) again, I find myself having to do three things before I can even consider myself back in the zone again.




Thaw because I literally left everything “on ice” so to speak. Stopped in it’s tracks. Visible, but not moving. All my plans for the novel launch are stashed in my Evernote. I haven’t so much as peeked at them in the last three months, but I know they are there. So you know what my first goal is, right? Exactly, Pull up my plans and see what I can gain momentum on this week.

Breathe because I’ve been holding my breath a lot in the past month due to some very hard decisions I needed to make on behalf of my family. Okay, I made the decisions, but I’m kind of shallow breathing because I’m not completely at peace with what was decided. This is the area where I need to let go and let God. Where I have to trust that I made decisions based on wisdom and knowledge and that my actions will align with God’s will for my life.

Write because I’m a writer. Its what I do. Actually, I write when I’m not even writing fiction or Web content, mostly in the form of long elaborate emails to my friends and family. But, its time to stop putting my best work into the emails of folks who, at this point, wish they could see the darned novel come out.

So yes…thaw…breathe…write.

In that order.


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