Ice, Ice, Baby

Image  My preschool-aged daughter has a recurring nightmare that she tells our family about every so often. It goes like this (in her words): “I got on the bus and I was riding somewhere, then I went to get off the bus and (my cousin) Jerome whispers, “ice”. And I said, “Ice?, and he yells, “ICE!!” and I said “ewhhh! and then I woke up.”

This is the winter of the recurring snow/ice/sleet nightmare. 

It reminds me of my little girl’s nightmare, but worse. 

Because the nightmare I’m talking about is snow, ice, and sleet messing with my goals in a practical sense.

To give you some background, every week since the beginning of the year, I’ve made a goal to stay on the Paleo lifestyle, track all my food on Lose It, and exercise at least six days a week. No, this wasn’t as much a New Year’s resolution as something that I just knew I needed and wanted to do.

But a funny thing is happening on my trip through the winter of 2014. The snow and ice and sleet and below freezing weather arriving day after day is driving me to stay in my Mama Bear Cave, unless forced to work. So, you guessed it, no exercising, no Paleo, no trips to the gym or the dance studio (WAHHH!!), and my enjoying eating everything associated with starchy carby goodness.

Why is this happening, really?

Well, I live in Pennsylvania, but I truly think I am allergic to the cold. I tend to run away from any situation that would require me to be cold for an extended period of time, and that includes changing into workout gear within the cold concrete walls of the Planet Fitness changing room. I’d rather sleep on a nail bed than try to jog through snow and ice. And (ahem) I like cuddling with my husband under the covers during the pitch black early morning hours.

I’m sharing all of this because it is a perfect example of how to let roadblocks get in the way of your goals. When it became cold and icy, I didn’t regroup and try to do everything I could to keep to my goals. I let the things I hated (snow, dark, ice. the cold Planet Fitness changing room) become my excuses for not acting like someone who wanted to be fit.

Ice, ice, baby. Too cold too cold.

Then yesterday I read this article: when I figured out that my get up and go had got up and went. Specifically, this article reminded me of what I learned last year right before I lost 6 pounds and started an upward climb at my job. Want to know what that is?


What it means is that, ice or no ice, I have to stop thinking and musing and shivering, shove my Nikes on my feet and get moving. The motivation will come later. It means that I need to get onto Hulu or DailyBurn or some online program and turn my mild-mannered living room into a Cross Fit gym for 45 minutes a day if the weather has me housebound. It means I have to want fitness more than I want to cuddle with the supreme cuddle master known as my husband.

Sometimes it also means…

  • Writing instead of reading blog articles.
  • Cutting off the television, putting on the Focus@Will music and writing chapters in my new novel.
  • Calling to check on my friends instead of letting another day pass before talking to them.
  • And on and on and on…

So, my friends, what is ICE in your life? What’s getting in your way RIGHT NOW? And if you think real hard about it, how will you kick the ice to the side and just do the work?


2 thoughts on “Ice, Ice, Baby

  1. Keisha, this is a much needed post! I am going through the same thing and trying to reset myself on a weekly basis. It is so tempting to eat those feel good foods during this weather and just veg on the couch and watch tv. I am right there with you sista, we go this!

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