The One Thing I Was Missing



Although I try not to allow my weight to define me, in different periods of my life, particularly during or after a stressful event. my weight bugs me. When it really gets to me, I change my life drastically in order to drop pounds. I drop weight. I go back to regular life. Then the whole thing starts all over again.

Until, sigh, I turned 40.

At 40, my excess poundage decided it was going to stay, bring some cool buddies for the ride, and chug back a few cups of cocoa. All while hanging around my stomach, hips, and thighs.

Nothing, and I mean nothing got me to lose weight. I’d exercise regularly and I stayed the same. I tried being a vegan for a month. No good. Running a few miles a week. Nope. P90X. Puh-lease. Training for a triathlon (which I did by the way, don’t let the curves fool ya). Nothing.

I’d done everything…but..ahem…track my food. Let me first say that I’ve never been a food journal or calorie counting type of person. Even though I pride myself on being a little anal about just about everything, I didn’t warrant my food intake as being something I’d want to write down. Not to be crude, but I figure, if I don’t keep charts on what goes out, why should I keep a chart on what goes in. All I really needed to do was make sure I ate nutritious food, drank plenty of water, and kept my curvy body out of McDonalds. Right?


So back to how I found the one thing I was missing. I was writing and listening to a Michael Hyatt podcast (Google him – he’s good to know if you are a writer or entrepreneur), when I heard him mention that he and his wife Gail were having tremendous weight loss success with an app called Lose It. I stopped what I was doing and downloaded the Lose It app.

NOTE: This obvious endorsement of a product is not funded in any way by the product company. If it were, I’d post a picture of myself with two thumbs up while dancing a jig and tossing around stacks of cash (otherwise known as “making it rain”)

So, I got my bad self on Lose It. For a month I l entered everything I ate and stuck to having only a certain amount of calories per day according to the Lose It recommendation. I set a goal of losing a pound and a half a week.

The first week I lost a pound and a half.

The second week I lost two pounds.

By the end of the month, I’d shaved off nearly 6 and a half pounds.

Now, keep in mind, I’d already been exercising (weights, dance classes, running, walking, elliptical, everything except Yoga because I don’t dig twisting myself into pretzel shapes). I’d also committed to eating in a Paleo lifestyle (no grains, no dairy, tons of veggies, and BACON). But none of that worked to help me lose weight until I used Lose It.

Lose It showed me I was missing the true cost of the food I was eating. Finally, I had something that visually let me see how many calories were in my food. I quickly learned that, with a 1350 calorie budget, I wasn’t willing to spend 600 on a breakfast sandwich or 1020 calories on an Applebees platter. Not if I wanted to drop 50 pounds in 8 months.

That’s it. One thing. Counting the cost. That was all.

So now I’m dropping the pounds. And while that doesn’t solve every problem in my life, it does get me back into my skinny jeans!

What goals do you have, dear reader? Have you been pushing yourself toward a goal and success has been elusive? Do you think you might be missing just one thing? How do you think you will feel when you discover your missing link.

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4 thoughts on “The One Thing I Was Missing

  1. Keisha, I’ve been going through a similar same thing. I have to go back to the level of cardio I was doing befor, as well as another food watch app. Also try My Fit Pal. You can scan bar codes of the foods you eat and/or type in something that doesn’t have a code. It will search the database and see if another user put it iB.C. Also, if you work out a lot it will tell you if your need to add more calories and protein.

    So with that, you have confirmed that I need to go back to my app. I will do this app thing with you (but using my app).

    Thanks for the reminder! Much success to you.

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